Understanding The Cost Of Replacement Window Panes

When looking for replacement windows in Sacramento one of the major problems which homeowners face is the choice they are presented with when looking for windows. Gone are the days when you bought a simple window with a frame and two panes of glass, you now need to choose your material, your glass, the type and choose between full replacement and insert replacement windows.

With a massive range of options now available it’s important that you receive a wider range of estimates when you’re costing for your window replacement project. This could give you a massive saving on your overall cost of replacement windows in your home.

One thing which homeowners are doing to reduce costs is by buying insert replacement windows instead of full frame windows, our guide on the difference between the full frame or insert windows explains this in more detail.

By choosing to insert replacement windows you can save anything up to 50% off your overall bill and because you’re only essentially selecting the glass type for the window your options and therefore decisions decrease by more than half. But you need to make sure you’re aware of the glass pane options available to you along with their relative cost.

The main glass pane features which you will need to be aware of include:

  • Low-E glass or Low-Emissivity CoatingGlass tinting
  • Glass tinting
  • Double pane glass
  • Low Emissivity Coated Glass (Low-E Glass)

Low-E glass is a glass which has a metallic oxide coating to it, this acts to provide far more efficient insulation. In the summer the coating protects your homes from the heat of the suns rays, keeping your home cool and fresh. In the winter the opposite is true and the window blocks air from escaping through the window, keeping your home warmer.

The main thing to be aware of with low-e glass is that it will add a darker “tint” to your window, this means the window can be darkened. So its a case of weighing up the overall pros and cons, if you’re home doesn’t get excessively cold or warm in the different seasons then it may not be something you need. Be aware that the cost of low-e glass will be around 15% in addition to the overall cost of your replacement window unit and installation cost.

Glass & Window Tinting

Glass tinting adds a darkened layer to your window pane, this acts to do two main things:

  • It will reflect the suns heat and therefore reduce your heating costs
  • It will provide an additional degree of privacy into your home

However, like with low-e glass you can find that the tinting may darken the room a little so the benefits have to be weighed up against the negatives.

Glass tinting, on average, will add around $5 per square foot to any of our replacement window prices, this price can be higher and can also be much lower. However, be aware that with the cheapest tints their overall effect may run out after a much shorter period of time and require re-doing, its, therefore, recommended that you don’t always go for the cheapest option. Its also possible to do the window tinting yourself, in which case the cost of the widow tinting will fall even lower, however its important to know what you’re doing as done incorrectly it can ruin the visual appearance of your glass.

Double Pane Glass

Double pane glass is often known as double glazing and most window contractors will provide window installations these days will full double glazing throughout.

Double glazing involves two panes of glass installed into the window frame which is spaced around a quarter of an inch apart leaving a small gap in-between. This gap is sometimes filled with a non-combustible gas, it will depend on the window manufacturer in question. This acts to provide a method of insulation which traps warm air in-between the panes preventing other air from moving out into the outside space.

The cost of double glazed replacement windows will often be between $300 and $600 per window, however, this cost can vary depending on the type of replacement windows you go for, the amount you need and the size of them. You will find that most window manufactures and installers don’t offer many deals on single glazed windows anymore, the majority will be double glazed. Our guide on replacement window costs by type and replacement window costs by the manufacturer is based around double glazed windows and is accurate for most popular types and styles of double glazed replacement window.

Similar to a kitchen remodel the additional costs incurred in any window replacement project because of double glazing will often be recouped over the long-term through having a more energy-efficient home and reducing the overall cost of your energy bills.